SS SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4

Sliding folding Closures

Ideally suited for the securing of an area or shop unit within a shopping mall or airport situation, these products combine the advantage of being easily operated manually with an exceptionally pleasing aesthetic effect. To seamlessly cover openings regardless of expanse.

Hung from a discreet aluminium head tracks which can be formed to take a chosen straight, multi faceted or curved line to suit a shop’s design or lay out; they can effortlessly be slid aside to bunch in easily manageable narrow bunches to either one side or bi-parting to either side of the formed opening. Grille bunches are typically housed in side storage cupboards or behind racking areas out of sight.

Constructed from aluminium extrusions into neat folding panels there are a range of various different designs, based on either a grille or panelled theme with or without poly carbonate glazing to suit client’s requirements. It would be fair to say these are arguably the most attractive shop face protection: Which is why they are fast becoming the most popular choice in new shopping malls.

Locking is by substantial shoot bolts at regular intervals across opening cleverly concealed within the fabric of the screen and passing into keeps in the head track and to discreet self sealing flush sockets within the floor operated from waist height (approx). There is a choice from a std. colour range or anodised finish.

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